Oasis for Elephants

Online Continuing Education Platform For All Dedicated Yogis

Yearly membership system for complete practices including asana, pranayama, meditation as well as studying and contemplation material for physical/energetic anatomy, history and philosophy.

Soak in the nectar of practice

sa tu dīrgha kāla nairantarya satkārāsevito drdha bhūmih
"Practice becomes firmly established when it has been cultivated uninterruptedly and with devotion over a prolonged period of time." ~ The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali

Practice nourishes us, nurtures us, soaks in the nectar of life. This is an oasis for those who wish to continue their practice and study yoga and therefore life itself. If you are here, I assume that you are interested in becoming familiarising yourself deeper within to change your inner world, inner landscape that connects to the outer world. There is a great mantra describing this essence: So Hum. This is the idea that we are all individual selves AND the whole Universe itself. As we cultivate a wider inner landscape, we become the vessels for a change in the outer world. 

What do you get?

Yearly membership to Oasis includes:
  • 30-90min practice videos of asana, pranayama and meditation posted every 2 weeks
  • Lectures on yogic theories including history, sequencing, anatomy and more
  • Articles on topics such as astrology, anatomy, pre/postnatal yoga, parenting, and much more.
  • One 60min private video call/month (by request) to check in on your alignment during practice, sequencing, or if you are a teacher, discuss teaching methods/career.

Hi, I'm Tomomi.

I believe that we are meant to live A FULL AND AWAKENED LIFE.

Yoga is not all unicorns and rainbows. It's about facing life head on by staying true to the best version of ourselves. Living a yogic life is a hard manual labour that forces you to get messy, hands and feet buried deep into the Earth and be patient as hell. It doesn't sound a lot of fun and certainly doesn't exude sexy but that's the yoga I fell in love with and I'm determined to share it to anyone who listens.